Beyoncé showcased herself washing her hair

The singer shared a rare peek into her routine with fans in a video on Instagram.

Beyoncé showcased herself washing her hair shared a video on her Instagram profile where she gives a rare close-up of her long, curly hair. In the video, she washes, conditions, straightens, and styles her hair using her Cécred products.

First, Beyoncé gave us Disco Beyoncé. Then she presented Cowboy Beyoncé. And now? We have Get-Ready-With-Me Beyoncé.

On Monday, Beyoncé surprised many by sharing a rare glimpse of her wash day routine in an unpolished video to promote her new hair-care line, offering an in-depth look at her real hair.

In February, she introduced the line, Cécred, featuring a collection of eight hair-care products that utilize luxury ingredients and promote a ritualistic approach to achieving healthy hair. Drawing from her childhood experiences of growing up in her mother’s hair salon, Beyoncé expressed her desire to bring her mother’s teachings to life, as stated on the brand’s website.

Fans eagerly embraced the news of the brand, but some skeptics questioned her credibility, noting that her hair is typically concealed in wigs or supplemented with weave extensions during performances and public appearances.

In addition to serving as a commercial for the products, the video also seems to be the singer’s method of addressing some of the backlash and doubt she has faced.

What occurred ?

On early Monday morning, Beyoncé showcased herself washing her hair posted a video on her Instagram profile. The video featured a close-up of the star’s long, curly hair undergoing washing, conditioning, straightening, and styling using Cécred products. About two months after the brand’s debut, she shared the video, expressing her readiness to showcase how it has benefited her hair. (The brand’s name, a blend of her name and “sacred,” is a portmanteau.)

In the caption, she wrote, “I’ve loved seeing all your #cecredwashday rituals on my timeline. I just had to join in with something I had in the archives.”

In the clip, Beyoncé’s longtime hairdresser, Neal Farinah, can be seen parting and combing her hair in various directions, demonstrating up close that it grows naturally from her scalp.

Beyoncé stated in a voice-over, “There’s a stigma and misconception that people who wear wigs don’t have long and healthy hair,” debunking the belief as false.

Why do people fixate on the length of Beyoncé’s hair?

Beyoncé’s hair has undergone scrutiny for years. She typically wears wigs and braids, and often styles her hair with extensions, like many other celebrities. However, her consistent use of extensions has led some to doubt the true length of her hair.

These claims prompted her fans, her hairstylist, and even her mother, Tina Knowles, to publicly affirm that Beyoncé chooses to wear extensions, not out of necessity. In a now-deleted Instagram video from 2019, Ms. Knowles combs through her daughter’s dark brown, waist-length hair to dispel rumors. The video was later reposted by Mr. Farinah, who captioned it: “NO WEAVE NO WIG. YES YES ALL NATURAL.”

Additionally, in 2017, Ms. Knowles shared a photo on Instagram revealing her daughter’s naturally blonde hair in a low ponytail.

“INCHES!!!! So happy my baby’s hair grew back!! She is going to get me,” she jokingly wrote in the caption.

Beyoncé showcased herself washing her hair
Beyoncé showcased herself washing her hair

Is long hair necessary to establish credibility in the hair-care industry?

While it can be advantageous, it’s not essential. For instance, the founder of Sundial Brands, which produces popular beauty brands like SheaMoisture and Nubian Heritage, is bald.

So why is it difficult for some to believe Beyoncé has long hair?

There’s a pervasive stereotype that natural hair for Black women has limited growth potential, leading some to assume that Black women wear extensions to feign long hair or conform to white beauty standards. However, many Black women can indeed grow long, healthy hair, but this stereotype persists.

Black women have historically driven hair innovation, embracing their natural textures to create a diverse range of hairstyles. Braids and weaves also serve as protective styles, particularly for Afro-textured hair, which can require significant time and effort to maintain. These styles offer practical benefits, such as managing hair during activities like swimming or exercising, and they reduce the need for extensive hair products while traveling. When installed properly and cared for, these styles can promote hair length retention by minimizing daily manipulation.

What are Tina Knowles’ thoughts on these recent developments?

Ms. Knowles later shared a video on her Instagram featuring comedian Katt Williams boasting about his long, natural hair without the use of a perm. She posted the clip with a playful caption alongside an image of Beyoncé with her natural hair.


Why is Beyoncé showcasing herself washing her hair significant?

Beyoncé’s public demonstration of washing her hair challenges stereotypes and promotes natural hair care practices, particularly for Black women who have historically faced societal pressure to conform to Eurocentric beauty standards.

Is Beyoncé known for advocating for natural hair care?

While Beyoncé has not been a vocal advocate specifically for natural hair care, her actions, such as showcasing herself washing her hair, contribute to the broader conversation around embracing natural beauty and self-acceptance.

Did Beyoncé’s hair washing video receive positive feedback?

Generally, yes. Many fans and supporters praised Beyoncé for sharing this intimate moment and appreciated her authenticity. However, as with any public action, there were likely differing opinions.

What message does Beyoncé’s hair washing video send?

Beyoncé’s video promotes self-care, authenticity, and embracing natural beauty. It encourages viewers to feel confident in their own skin and challenges societal norms regarding hair and beauty standards.

How does Beyoncé’s hair washing video contribute to discussions about Black hair?

By showcasing her hair care routine, Beyoncé contributes to destigmatizing discussions around Black hair care practices. It highlights the diversity and versatility of Black hair while celebrating its natural beauty.

Does Beyoncé’s hair washing video address any specific issues within the Black community?

While not explicitly addressing specific issues, Beyoncé’s video indirectly challenges stereotypes surrounding Black hair, including notions of inadequacy or inferiority associated with natural hair textures.