Get 6% Cash Back while you help the planet!

Get 6% Cash Back while you help the planet!

“With this debit card, you can earn rewards for making eco-friendly purchases such as EV charging and thrift store merchandise.”

With Earth Day approaching this week, you might be thinking about the planet and your impact on it. But did you know you can contribute to a greener world by starting with the card you use for everyday purchases?

This story is part of CNET Zero, a series that tracks the impact of climate change and examines solutions to the problem.

You might wonder, “What do my finances have to do with the planet?” Well, the bank you choose could be supporting big oil or other environmentally damaging industries. If you’re curious about where your bank stands, you can download the Banking on Climate Chaos report. Plus, you’ll even plant a tree by downloading it!

But not all banks are the same. And although reducing your carbon footprint can sometimes feel thankless, it doesn’t have to be. Introducing the FutureCard Visa® Debit Card.

With this card, you could earn an impressive cash-back rate for eco-conscious purchases. It’s also a debit card, so you don’t have to worry about interest charges eating into your earnings or credit card debt. You can connect it to your bank account or fund the card via Venmo or Cash App.

Earn in a greener way that’s also straightforward.

Earn rewards in a more environmentally friendly manner with the FutureCard Visa Debit Card. The card offers a variety of rewards, ranging from 1% to 6% cash back. It provides 5% cash back on sustainable purchases, such as EV charging, public transportation, thrift stores, and bike shops, up to $25,000 spent per calendar year, then 1% thereafter. Additionally, you can earn 5% cash back on your gas and power bill.

The card also offers 6% cash back with select eco-conscious retailers, including well-known brands like Arcteryx Regear, Patagonia Worn Wear, and Northface Renewed. This makes it potentially the most rewarding cash-back debit card, provided you shop with the brands in its rewards program.

The static rewards of the FutureCard are comparable to some of the best cash-back credit cards and include bonus categories that are not typically covered by most credit cards. If thrift stores and bike shops are your hobbies, this card could earn you significant rewards for your green habits.

What can you do with the rewards you have?

As for redeeming rewards, the FutureCard allows you to redeem your cash back, which is then added directly to your bank account. Each 1% cash back is equivalent to 1 cent per dollar spent.

Furthermore, you can earn FutureCoins by completing carbon missions. FutureCoins start with a value of $90 per coin, and the more you reduce your carbon footprint, the more FutureCoins you earn. These FutureCoins can be converted into additional cash back.

Improve the environment and boost your bank account at the same time!

By participating in Future’s missions, such as purchasing refurbished tech, shopping at thrift stores, switching to an EV vehicle, or transitioning to solar energy, you can earn one FutureCoin for every metric ton of carbon you reduce.

Your funds can grow like trees

Moreover, your funds will continue to grow as they remain on your card, as the FutureCard reward balance earns a 2.72% annual percentage yield. This allows you to earn passive income even when you’re not actively spending. Although this APY is lower than the best savings account rates currently available, few cards offer interest on unused rewards balances.

Consider pairing it with these cards:

No one said you had to choose just one card. While the FutureCard offers great rewards, its benefits are quite specific. To cover your other expenses, think about getting a general rewards card such as:

  • Wells Fargo Active Cash® Card: This credit card stands out as one of the best available, earning cash rewards on your purchases. It offers an introductory APR to help you avoid interest charges for a period of time, along with an easily attainable welcome bonus. Plus, there’s no annual fee.
  • Sunrise Banks Everyday Rewards+ Card*: You can earn rewards on everyday purchases like groceries, restaurants, and streaming. As a member of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV), Sunrise Banks is committed to driving environmental and social change in the banking sector. By using this card, you can earn rewards while supporting a more sustainable banking future.
  • Amalgamated Bank Maximum Rewards® World Mastercard®*: This card offers a flat 1.5% cash back on every purchase and features an introductory APR, as well as a (though modest) welcome bonus. Additionally, Amalgamated Bank champions causes such as forest conservation, workers’ rights, voting rights, reproductive rights, and climate justice.”

The bottom line

“Although this card doesn’t offer many shopping protections or travel perks, your potential earnings could be significant depending on your spending habits and how you utilize Future’s missions.”

“Future not only encourages you to reduce your carbon emissions but also offers various educational resources. These resources encompass climate action, green living, and sustainable shopping and eating habits. Considering your efforts to contribute to the planet, this card could serve as another viable option.”