The Bachelor finaleWhy isn't Hulu airing 'The Bachelor' finale?

With an absolutely unprecedented ending, a Bachelorette announcement that made history, and a sneak peek at the upcoming crossover episode of 9-1-1, (Why isn’t Hulu airing The Bachelor finale?)The Bachelor Season 28’s live three-hour finale event left an indelible mark.

Typically, episodes of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, and The Golden Bachelor are available on Hulu bright and early the day after they premiere live on ABC. (Why isn’t Hulu airing ‘The Bachelor’ finale?) However, if fans log onto Hulu expecting to catch Joey Graziadei’s emotional final episode early Tuesday morning, they’ll be disappointed to find that the episode spilfy has not yet been uploaded.

Are you wondering whether Joey’s finale and the After The Final Rose episode will be ready to stream on Hulu today, Tuesday, March 26th? And if they are, what time can you tune in to watch The Bachelor finale on Hulu?

Here’s everything we have on the matter.

Why isn’t Hulu airing ‘The Bachelor’ finale?

If you’re tired of waiting for the finale episode to stream on Hulu and can’t wait to read about Joey Graziadei’s final dates with Daisy Kent and Kelsey Anderson, followed by the After The Final Rose revelations, make sure to check out Decider’s Bachelor Season 28 finale recap.

Will Hulu stream The Bachelor Finale and After The Final Rose?

Absolutely! Bachelor Nation, don’t worry. If you checked Hulu this morning and didn’t see the episode, ABC reassured fans that they would add it to the platform at some point today, just like all the other episodes this Bachelor season.

The Bachelor finale

Why doesn’t Hulu have The Bachelor finale?

“Why hasn’t Hulu added it yet? While Hulu promptly uploads weekly episodes of Bachelor franchise shows, it seems that finales take longer to stream—possibly because they’re filmed live, or maybe ABC is intentionally prolonging the drama!”

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Fans who attempted to stream The Golden Bachelor finale on Hulu the morning after it aired in December 2023 or The Bachelorette’s Season 20 finale back in August 2023 also experienced hours of waiting, but they eventually saw the episode appear! And Bachelor Nation breathed a sigh of relief!

When will Hulu stream the Golden Bachelor Finale?

As of 7:20 a.m. ET, Hulu hadn’t released The Bachelor Season 28 finale, but we’ll provide updates once we have more information. The Golden Bachelor finale was uploaded and ready for streaming before 1:00 p.m. ET, but each season’s release time may differ.

For now, be assured that the episode is set to be added to the platform sometime today (March 26). In the meantime, Decider’s Bachelor coverage has all the updates you’re looking for.