2024 New York Fashion Week2024 New York Fashion Week

The hottest trends at Fall/Winter 2024 New York Fashion Week. Explore top styles, runway highlights, and must-have looks for the season. Stay fashion-forward:

2024 New York Fashion Week

The fashion industry is centered around New York Fashion Week, which establishes the newest trends and styles. Looking at the Fall/Winter 2024 collections, we can see that this year’s style will enthrall with its singular fusion of modernism and classic elegance.

Trends in Color Palette

Rich color palettes filled the Fall/Winter 2024 fashion runways, demonstrating the designers’ skill in telling stories visually.

Rich Jewel Tones

Deep jewel tones like ruby red, sapphire blue, and emerald green were popular on the runways. Designers such as [Designer Name] were adept at combining these colors into their designs, giving them an air of refinement and luxury.

Earthy Neutrals

The return of earthy neutrals was an unexpected yet lovely trend. Colors like olive, terracotta, and camel took the stage and offered a look that was grounded and organic. Among the noteworthy highlights are the gorgeous ensembles that [Designer Name] creates with neutral tones that exude casual charm.

Bold Monochromes

Wearing all-one color made a strong statement and demonstrated a simple yet effective style. Their use of ensembles in a single color astounded audiences, demonstrating that minimalism can be visually arresting.

Table 1: Notable Colors of Fall/Winter 2024

Jewel TonesEarthy NeutralsBold Monochromes
Emerald GreenCamelBurgundy
Sapphire BlueTerracottaMustard Yellow
Ruby RedOliveMidnight Black

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger took over the Grand Central Oyster Bar with his signature prep classics, updated with fresh embellishments and layering techniques, and brought the party to New York Fashion Week (winning the prize for best venue thus far).

Tommy Hilfiger

The music by Questlove and the unexpected appearance of Jon Batiste, who energised the audience with a lively rendition of his song “Freedom,” were unquestionably the highlights of the concert. Oh, and the New York happy lunch, also known as the French fries and martinis.—Digital director Claire Stern

Chavarria Willy

American sportswear and ’80s power dressing are being taken by Willy Chavarria and given a fresh new lease on cool.

Chavarria Willy

In addition to being incredibly well-made and instantly appealing, his clothes give him a platform to interact with people of different racial backgrounds, age groups, and body shapes in a manner that few New York designers have in a very long time.

Prior to the runway presentation, he also made his directorial debut with a strong, seductive short film. See my complete evaluation by clicking this —Kevin LeBlanc, associate designer.

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Phillip Lim

Phillip Lim

A New York brand to the core, 3.1 Phillip Lim knows that New Yorkers are too busy running from show to show, so instead, he chose to present his FW24 collection with an art installation right by Chinatown, where guests could swing by at their leisure and enjoy a cocktail or two while they do.

The assortment riffed on classic staples by adding a touch of irreverence, from abstract prints to capri-length leggings and a jewel-tone teddy jacket that’ll make going on an coffee run the chicest thing you do all day.—Claire Stern, digital director

Collina Strada

At Collina Strada, it’s bulking season. With her muscular body showing through her molded latex tops and ruched silk gowns, Hillary Taymour elevated machismo to a level that Collina would have approved of. Sweat-drenched models carried squash dumbbells while putting on their finest weightlifting expressions.

Collina Strada

There were plenty of amazing draped dresses in plaids and her trademark confused designs among the masculine attire, as well as corsetry and simple sweatsuits for when you really hit the gym.—Kevin LeBlanc, associate designer.

Helmut Lang

Helmut Lang

In keeping with Helmut Lang’s philosophy of providing New Yorkers with clothing they want to wear, Peter Do created a sort of uniform for his second runway that included incredibly comfortable coats, mismatched plaid sets, and balaclava hoodies perfect for the coldest winter days.

The collection, “Protection vs. Projection,” combined ease of use, variety, and form.—Digital director Claire Stern

Christian Siriano

Nevertheless, the designer continues to show why he deserves a spot on the New York Fashion Week schedule by showcasing look after look—61 in all for the fall/winter 2024—in front of a front row that is dependably eclectic.

Christian Siriano

This time around, the designer’s newest creation, which was influenced by the novel and movie Dune, drew admirers from The Plaza, including Sophia Bush, Busy Philipps, Melanie Lynskey, Alicia Silverstone, J. Smith-Cameron, and Ashley Simpson.

“A rich color palette and luminous textures like luxurious creams, liquid metallics, burnt orange lamés with intricate glass beading, deep reds, and black shimmering tinsel reminiscent of a vast starry sky inform the collection, which embodies the idea of what eveningwear and glamour would look like in a sci-fi, apocalyptic desert,” Siriano writes in the show notes.

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