Top Nigerian Tech YouTubers and channelsTop Nigerian Tech YouTubers and channels

Today, I’ll be showcasing the top Nigerian tech YouTube channels and YouTubers to follow if you’re a “mobile” tech fan who enjoys watching tech review videos on the platform.

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The Top Nigerian Tech YouTubers and channels

Top Nigerian Tech YouTubers and channels

1.Fisayo Fosudo

Top Nigerian Tech YouTubers and channels

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With over 255K active subscribers and over 15.8 million views on the channel to date, Fisayo Fosudo, as he is now known to many, is without a doubt the biggest and most well-known tech YouTuber or channel in Nigeria.

Top Nigerian Tech YouTubers and channels

His catchphrase, #Foda Ado, is a fashionable way of expressing “further ado.” He frequently employs it in his films, saying things like “without #foda ado, let’s get into the video.”

What, however, sets Fisayo Fosudo apart from other tech YouTubers in the nation?

To begin with, let me state that if you enjoy watching MKBHD’s movies and find them to be of high quality and crispness, you will also adore Fisayo Fosudo’s films since they are of the highest caliber, extremely clear, extremely well explained, and have excellent sound quality.

In addition to creating tech videos, he also posts a unique video every Friday called “Finance Friday” in which he discusses finance-related subjects including investing, saving, tech companies, cryptocurrency trading, etc.

Thus, Fisayo Fosudo is without a doubt the greatest tech YouTube channel available right now if you’re seeking for 2022’s top channels to spend the majority of your free time on.

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2.Izzi Boye

Top Nigerian Tech YouTubers and channels

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In my opinion, Izzi Boye has amassed over 38.2K active subscribers and 4.4 million views on her channel, making her the second-best tech YouTube channel in the nation right now.

Like Fisayo Fosudo, he uses dramatic camera lengths, superb sound quality, and a calm, relaxing tone of voice in his clean, well-explained films.

He not only creates reviews of mobile tech products but also compares two or more phones or other digital devices in his comparison films.

Thus, this is unquestionably the best tech YouTube channel if you want to forget you’re watching a video on YouTube and instead feel like you’re watching a romantic Hollywood film.

3.Reviews of Valor

Top Nigerian Tech YouTubers and channels

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In Nigeria’s IT industry, Valor Reviews is well-known, with over 74.5K active users and over 9.4 million channel views to date.

In contrast to the likes of Fisayo Fosudo and Izzi Boye, who are renowned for their serene and calming video rendering techniques, Valor Reviews is more well-known for the lighthearted touches he adds to his movies and the absurd smartphone drop tests he frequently does while reviewing smartphones.

Like Izzi Boye, he is well-known for his comparison movies of phones and other devices like smartwatches and wired earbuds in addition to reviewing smartphones.

So, if you’re looking for a tech YouTube channel that feels more like a tech comedy channel where you’d smile and sometimes laugh out loud in-between videos, then Valor Reviews is the YouTube channel for that.


Top Nigerian Tech YouTubers and channels

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At the time this post was written, Oscarmini, the official tech YouTube channel of the Oscarmini site, had over 47.5K active subscribers and over 5.2 million total views to its credit.

Oscar Frank, the man behind the channel, is well-known for his curly hair and unusual English accent.

His videos are likewise of excellent quality, with clear audio and clean visuals. You won’t be able to not adore the Oscarmini YouTube channel if you enjoy those of Izzi Boye, Fisayo, and the others.

5.Eric Okafor

Top Nigerian Tech YouTubers and channels

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Formerly known as KnewKeed, Eric Okafor was among the first Nigerian YouTubers to enter the IT industry, opening doors for further entrants.

He has amassed more than 187K active members and more than 40 million views overall throughout the years.

Up until the likes of Fisayo, Izzi Boye, and Valor Reviews started to gain popularity, Eric Okafor and MissTechy were my two favorite YouTube channels. That being said, his videos are still entertaining to watch, despite his recent departure from producing long YouTube videos in favor of shorter ones for Tik-Tok and Instagram. Otherwise, his work remains relevant.


Top Nigerian Tech YouTubers and channels

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Another well-liked tech YouTube channel is Fred’s Tech Hub, which now has over 52,000 active subscribers and over 6.2 million channel views.

Top Nigerian Tech YouTubers and channels

His videos include clear audio and excellent lighting presentation. I really appreciate and love Fred’s videos because of his more Nigerian-like English accent, in contrast to Oscarmini’s foreign-like voice.

So, if you’re seeking for a tech YouTube channel that makes you feel more at home, and convinces you that you’re truly watching and listening to your fellow Nigerian guy, then Fred’s Tech Hub is the greatest YouTube channel for that.


Top Nigerian Tech YouTubers and channels

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While the Kagan tech YouTube channel may not seem very popular to many—in fact, I only recently learned about it—it is quite popular among people offline. According to his official YouTube page, he has over 22,000 active subscribers and has received over 4.6 million views in total.

Nothing about the Kagan YouTube channel seems, sounds, or seems Nigerian, which is one of its distinctive features and what makes it stand apart from other channels.

In fact, until I visited the “About” part of the page on my first visit, I had no idea that the channel was owned and run by a Nigerian.

In addition to the typical smartphone reviews posted on other tech YouTubers’ channels, Kagan also conducts a lot of reviews and comparisons of mechanical keyboards, digital cameras, microphones, and other devices. In fact, if you’re looking to find out what the best devices are for making movies, he’s the man to ask.

Thus, Kagan is among the greatest tech YouTube channels to spend the majority of your free time on in 2022 if you’re searching for a Nigerian channel that discusses more than just smartphones and has a little foreign feel to it, similar to MKBHD and the others.

8.Tech Arena24

Top Nigerian Tech YouTubers and channels

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When it comes to the rapidly developing tech YouTube channels in the nation, Tech Arena24 is at the top of the list right now, having gained over 21.6K active subscribers and over 2.7 million views overall.

Marvel, the person behind the channel, began by performing simple smartphone comparisons using only side-by-side images of phones. Over time, he developed to the point where he is now able to conduct thorough phone evaluations and accurate comparisons using the real phones.

Similar to the others, his films are clear and elucidated. There’s no reason not to like the Tech Arena24 YouTube channel, then, if you’re searching for a tech channel that provides and explains every single element of a smartphone.

9.Technical Rann

Top Nigerian Tech YouTubers and channels

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Similar to the “Jerry Rig Everything” YouTube channel, Tech Rann is the only Nigerian tech channel that I am aware of that disassembles smartphones.

Why wouldn’t you love to witness cellphones being disassembled at home by a fellow Nigerian guy, if you enjoy seeing them being disassembled overseas on the Jerry Rig channel?

And in case you were wondering, the Marvel owner of this channel is the same one that owns Tech Arena24, the station we just finished discussing up above.

He then comes down here to disassemble the phones after reviewing and comparing them on the first channel. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

You will thus follow Tech Rann YouTube channel for the majority of your life if you enjoy seeing cellphones get mishandled, tortured, destroyed, and subjected to suffering.

10.Tech OverWatch

Top Nigerian Tech YouTubers and channels

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You wouldn’t realize that Tech OverWatch is another quickly growing tech YouTube channel because his videos are of the highest caliber and are expertly crafted, befitting someone with a long history in the industry.

With more than 32.8K active members and over 1.9 million total views, the channel is on the verge of surpassing 2 million views.

You’ll unintentionally fall in love with this channel if you enjoy watching actors like Fisayo Fosudo, Izzi Boye, Kagan, Oscarmini, etc. because of their subdued camera work and dramatic angled views with calming voiceovers.


Top Nigerian Tech YouTubers and channels

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Henry O, better known by his stage name Henryneo, is one of the most established tech YouTubers in the nation. He has amassed over 45.7K active subscribers and over 5.8 million views on his channel to date. Henry O is still extremely consistent in his content.

One of the things that makes him different from other tech YouTube channels in the nation is that, in addition to the standard smartphone reviews that everyone does these days, he occasionally also conducts laptop evaluations.

Like the others, he always produces high-quality films that feature dramatic camera angles of the device he is evaluating, accompanied by a clear and crisp voice-over.


Top Nigerian Tech YouTubers and channels

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Moving on from the largely male-dominated YouTube tech community, TechCity is a female-owned and run YouTube channel.

Startled? Avoid becoming.

These days, there aren’t many female-run tech channels on YouTube, like this one. Despite being maintained by a woman, it has amassed an astounding 17.8K active members and amassed over 2.3 million total views.

In contrast to the majority of male-dominated tech YouTube channels, which focus exclusively on discussing and reviewing tech products, TechCity occasionally incorporates videos about well-known tech celebrities, like Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, and others, giving the channel a more celebrity and lifestyle feel.

Thus, TechCity is one of the greatest tech YouTube channels that you won’t get tired of watching in 2022 if you’re looking for a channel that doesn’t just focus on reviews, comparisons, tips and tricks, and the like, but also mixes things up by adding stuff like tech events and updates happening around the world.

13.Miss Techy..

Top Nigerian Tech YouTubers and channels

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Relatively speaking, MissTechy was the only known female in the then male-dominated tech industry, which made her one of the first female-owned tech YouTube channels back in 2016. She gained notoriety very fast.

She was accustomed to adding a little comedy at that point because her films were well-known for their amazing transitional effects and wow impact.

Similar to Eric Okafor, MissTechy was once my first choice when it came to Nigerian YouTube channels covering tech-related content. However, that was before she began to post videos irregularly and other players like Fisayo Fosudo and Izzi Boye joined the fray.

That being said, she continues to publish films whenever she can, and each time she does, they retain both their timeless appeal and entertaining quality from before.

Therefore, MissTechy is one of the greatest YouTube channels to follow this year if you’re seeking for a tech channel with amazing transitional effects and everything.

And there you have it, guys: these are the top Nigerian tech YouTubers and channels to follow this year.

As always, I’ll see you tomorrow, #Spilfy. If you enjoyed reading this post, please share it. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments area below.

Top Tech YouTubers and Channels Overview

Nigeria boasts a vibrant array of tech YouTubers who have carved a niche for themselves in the digital realm. Channels like TechSavvyNG, GadgetGeek, and CodeCraft have gained immense popularity, attracting subscribers with their unique blend of tech insights, reviews, and tutorials. These channels not only offer a glimpse into the latest gadgets but also delve into the intricacies of software development, making them go-to sources for tech enthusiasts.

In-Depth Profile of Leading Tech YouTubers

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Meet TechSavvyNG, a dynamic tech creator who has been a guiding force in the Nigerian tech scene. Known for in-depth gadget reviews and comprehensive software tutorials, they have garnered a loyal following. In their collaborations with leading tech brands have elevated the quality and diversity of their content.

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Emerging Tech Talents

While the established players continue to shine, the Nigerian tech YouTube landscape is witnessing the rise of exciting newcomers. Channels like TechTrendsUnveiled and FutureTechExplorers are making waves with their fresh perspectives and innovative content. In keep an eye on these rising stars as they bring new energy and ideas to the forefront.

Tech Trends Covered

As we navigate through, Nigerian tech YouTubers are at the forefront of covering the latest trends. From the impact of Artificial Intelligence on everyday life to the rise of sustainable tech, these creators offer insightful analyses. The blending of tech and lifestyle content is also becoming increasingly popular, reflecting the diverse interests of the Nigerian audience.