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Steffy and Hope are clashing over Thomas’s heartbreak as a potential Thope breakup approaches. Don’t miss the unfolding drama on The Bold and the Beautiful!

In the upcoming episode of The Bold and the Beautiful airing on Monday, March 25, Steffy Forrester finds herself in conflict with Hope Logan once more because of Hope’s refusal of Thomas Forrester’s marriage proposal.

The newest spoiler for The Bold and The Beautiful suggests that a Thope breakup is on the horizon.

Thomas’s heartbreak intensifies as Hope once again rejects his proposal – Is it the end for Thomas and Hope? in the The Bold and the Beautiful

Thomas, portrayed by Matthew Atkinson, feels devastated and heartbroken as Hope, played by Annika Noelle, once again rejects his proposal. He deeply loves her and is convinced she’s the one for him, but now he fears she may not feel the same way about him.

The Bold and the Beautiful

To worsen the situation, Steffy, portrayed by Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, is urging her brother to let go of Hope and move on, believing that she will never commit to him.

Thomas confides in Ridge, expressing how shattered he feels after Hope’s rejection.

Are Thomas and Hope done for good this time? Only time will tell!

Steffy and Hope are in conflict with each other regarding Thomas

Steffy reaches her breaking point and confronts Hope, standing up for her brother. Their argument escalates, with Steffy adamant about protecting her brother while Hope insists on her love for Thomas and urges Steffy to stay out.

How intense will this showdown become? Tune in to CBS for all the answers on The Bold and the Beautiful airing every weekday.