hairdresser isn't prioritizing

Selecting the right hairstylist is essential because nobody desires to leave the salon with an unsatisfactory haircut. One stylist has now revealed the warning signs to watch out for when choosing any hairdresser isn’t prioritizing.

Having someone new cut your hair can carry risks, and an expert has highlighted the warning signs to watch out for when dealing with a new stylist.

Entrusting someone with your hair is significant; receiving the wrong haircut can lead to a few weeks of embarrassment as you wait for your hair to grow back. Hair expert Danielle Palompo has revealed indicators to be wary of that suggest your hairdresser may not prioritize your best interests.

Based in Edinburgh, Danielle frequently shares hair care advice online and has recently disclosed some key “red flags” to watch out for in hairdressers.

The 32-year-old first shared a sign advising people to avoid stylists who don’t “offer an online or in-person consultation.” It’s crucial to talk about your hair goals, especially when trying a new stylist, so you can ensure mutual understanding.

hairdresser isn’t prioritizing
hairdresser isn't prioritizing

These lines also connect to her second red flag: when your hair history isn’t inquired about, and the third, when no home care advice is provided after your appointment. Danielle, who co-hosts the parenting podcast Keep It Casual, mentioned another red flag: if your hair is being lightened and your stylist doesn’t ask if you want to add a toner.

The ultimate red flag, indicating your hairdresse isn’t prioritizin your needs, is if you depart from your appointment dissatisfied. A visit to the hairdresser can be quite costly, so leaving feeling unhappy is an experience no one desires.